Can Fresh Start Credit Repair help with my collection agency problems?

Yes, within certain boundaries. Collections agencies want to talk to whoever can pay the outstanding debt — and usually nobody else. Valid or invalid, legitimate or false, collections usually want just one thing: paid.

FSCR can help with invalid collections accounts, and we can also provide advice on methods by which to best settle legitimate collections without further damaging credit ratings in the process. Some consumers pay invalid collections due to pressure and leverage applied, and in such cases, FSCR can work to help remove this misleading, inaccurate history from credit reports.

Collections agencies are not known for their kindness. However, most collections companies are willing to negotiate the amount due with a motivated consumer. If the debt owed is valid, FSCR can recommend a settlement that minimizes damages to your credit rating.

Valid or not, however, the information is often added to your reports by automated systems, often incorrectly "bumping" the date of last activity in the process. Thus, whether the collections account is open or settled, FSCR can help correct or settle inaccurate negative listings from collections agencies.

Successfully removing a collections account is often a matter of patience and endurance, but eventually nearly all misleading problems can be resolved. Due to the volume of collections agencies throughout the United States, with statues and laws changing across borders, FSCR often recommends that a consumer with one or more collections accounts speak with our consultants.

We're here to help, so if you're not sure what is on your reports or are dismayed by an inaccurate or invalid paid collection account that is hurting your score years after it was settled, contact FSCR. We'll help you make an informed decision on best next steps.



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