After I Have Enrolled with Fresh Start Credit Repair, Do I Still Need to Pay My Bills?

Unfortunately, yes. Credit repair only works to correct inaccuracies on your credit reports, not to eliminate the debts altogether. Adding to excessive credit debt or causing new damage to your credit report can make qualification for loan offers and lower interest rates difficult, at best. Failing to pay your current accounts will not only continue to increase your credit score, it can negateFSCR Credit Consultants’ efforts altogether.

While credit repair can help remove inaccurate, negative credit items such as past late payments, collections, charge-offs and bankruptcy residue from your credit report, it cannot eliminate legitimate and current monthly bills.

The primary benefit of FSCR’s services is the correction and repair of your credit reports, which in turn raises your credit score. FSCR and other credit repair services typically use a system of credit disputes (formal letters) and legal challenges that place the burden of verification squarely on the shoulders of credit bureaus, lenders and creditors — not you.

Success in credit repair therefore presumes that no new negative information will be added to your reports during the credit repair process, and that current debt levels will be reduced or, at the very least, maintained.

Failure to pay current bills — credit card minimums, mortgages or refinanced home loans, student loans, vehicle installments, retail store cards or anything that can hurt your credit with late payment information — can sabotage your credit optimization strategy severely.

At FSCR, we hope this is a common-sense issue. After all, it only stands to reason that if credit repair cleans up and fixes an old, invalid late payment on your credit report, then adding a new late payment to your credit history completely negates prior efforts.

Keep in mind that the more recent the damage, the more it will hurt a credit score. For the most part, negative credit information slides down a point scale for about seven years. Thus, any new charge-off, collection or late payment will hurt your score even more than the removal of an older, similarly negative item improved it.

At FSCR, we always encourage our clients to take full advantage of our credit specialists. So, while we counsel our clients to pay all their bills on time, we understand that credit problems can still sometimes arise. If you are faced with a new credit problem, please let us know so that we can help you to minimize the damage incurred and keep your efforts for a better financial future on track.

While we will always continue our quest to write dispute letters and remove invalid data from your credit report, remember that here at FSCR we are your personalized credit consulting service. Feel free to contact us at your convenience so that we can explain to you the best way to pay down credit debt, deal with collections, better distribute revolving credit and prepare for a home mortgage loan.

Again, while FSCR does everything we can to help improve your credit score and report, we cannot remove legitimate credit debts. We simply facilitate a means to remove false information from your credit report. So,to maximize your benefits with us, please be sure to continue making timely payments on all legitimate debt you owe, to remain in good standing with your current creditors.


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